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COVID-19 Response

Our Response to Covid-19 ‘Rule of Six’ and ‘Local Lockdowns’

In line with recent Welsh government guidelines we have had to review the way in which we operate in order to comply with the government restrictions and to ensure the safety and well-being of our customers. 

As from Monday 14/09/20 the Welsh minister announced that the number of people able to meet together has been capped at 6, although children under 11 are not included within the six. The 6 can be from an extended household, but the extended household cannot be changed once arranged. He also advised that up to 30 people can meet together outdoors, which includes within gardens. 

Carers, whether they are care workers or unpaid carers do not for part of the extended household and do not count towards the limit of 6 people over 11 in a group. 

In order to keep open, we have made some simple modifications to the property. Given the simple layout of the house with equal living accommodation on either side of the central kitchen area, the property easily lends itself to be completely divided into two separate dwellings. We have therefore the the decision to temporarily divide the property into two self -contained holiday homes with no means of access from indoors. This therefore means that 2 sets of extended households of up to 6 people and children under 11 can safely come and enjoy their holiday, without the concern of breaking COVID-19 restrictions and putting themselves at risk. Both extended families can still safely join together in a socially distanced manner within the gardens, or should they prefer, have a completely separate garden area, as currently up to 30 people can gather in outdoor settings. 

We are aware that some parties will have booked for larger groups to come, however we must stress that we can only currently cater for a maximum of 12 plus any children under 11 or carers. Whilst this will be cause of disappointment to some, we hope that in dividing the properties, the majority of customers will be able to continue with their holidays with their loved ones close by. As we have two properties which are situated in close proximity, for larger groups we will endeavour to offer the second property at no extra cost in order to satisfy the rules of the current constrictions. 

Should you wish to discuss the situation further, please do not hesitate to contact us on [email protected]

Below, we have detailed further guidance if you are in a local lockdown scenario or Flintshire, the county where Brookway Lodge is situated, is placed under local lockdown. 


After a long consultation, it is our interpretation of the rules that guests are still allowed to travel on holiday from their local lockdown area and our guest’s choice as to who they choose to make up their extended household.